Forget February 14th. Real gentlemen celebrate love all year long.

Why we don’t like Valentine’s day? Because love isn’t about commercials. Or nicely giftwrapped goods and products. Love is about instinct.

Learning to trust your deepest feelings and emotions. And coming to connect with them. It’s raw. It’s pure. Love has no boundaries. It’s not a matter of price tags and a once-in-a-year bouquet of roses.

Knowing that is what separates the boys from the men. And we at Wolf like doing just that.

Hey, what were you waiting for?

Don’t expect us to present a line of Valentine’s day fashion to sweep your girl – or man, for that matter – of his or her feet.

We’re glad that day is now behind us. Take a good look in your rearview mirror and say to yourself: “So long, plastic romance, I’m happy I won’t be seeing you in another 364 days.”

Because starting today, it’s time to celebrate love the real way. By being your best, every single day of the year. And hey, that’s exactly where we can help you out. Because our line of modern day gentlemen men’s wear brings out the Wolf in you. Eager to love, passionately and with spirit.

Don’t let us hold you back

Here’s what we suggest:

If you want to stick around our website for a while, check out our extremely fine shirts, order them, put them on, cook for your girlfriend, light some candles, turn your lights down low, put on some Marvin Gaye music (or whatever gets her going) and wait for her to enter the room so you can get up from your couch.

Then walk up to her, whisper gently to her that she is the finest piece of elegance that has ever walked this earth, pull her closely, inhale the scent of her hair and perfume, kiss her as if there were no tomorrow, lead her to your bedroom and unleash the inner Wolf within you! This (!) every day for the coming year – who are we to hold you back? Whatever you choose to do (stay and browse through our high-end collection or leave for something that suits you better) stay true to what love is, damnit!

Love isn’t some Disney-like theme park with sentimental love songs and heart shaped boxes. It’s tender and rough. Hot and cold. Bliss and disaster. All at once.

Run along now, Valentine’s day!

Your 15 minutes of fame is over. Time to love and be loved all year long. So, what’s it going te be for you? Boy or man? Better yet: Boy or Wolf?

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