#S T A N D O U T F R O M T H E P A C K

My Story

Wolf Clothing Brand, the brand for the modern-day gentleman.

Hi there! My name is Niels Wouters and welcome to my website! So, I launched Wolf Clothing Brand. The brand for the modern-day gentleman. Seems a bit blurry?

Think again. Wolf represents a free spirit.

Unrestricted by useless conventions or man-made concepts such as limits. Or boundaries.

I started playing with the idea of creating my own brand after finding myself frustrated with the lack of quality (and just plain good-looking clothes) in today’s market.

WOLF is the symbol of character, intelligence, independence, strength, entrepreneurship and of course class.



Where does WOLF stand for?

Wolf = Unique, fair, different & you!

These are the key elements of our brand and what I aspire to bring to my customers.

As everything in life, I’m always learning, always evolving, always improving myself and the brand.
I try to learn from everything that comes my way and we will never lose focus of my goals.

As a wolf should do. Always striving to do better, to be better.

Call it a passion for success.



Stand out from the pack

Wolf Clothing Brand has already started its journey and I would love it if you guys could join me.

Are you happy with the life you’re living right now? Or are you ready to become the Wolf you were meant to be?

It’s your call, my friend. As you can see I already made my choice. I chose to:

Stand out from the pack.


Niels Wouters
Founder Wolf Clothing Brand